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Ela Britchkow Interview - Speech and Language Pathologist
Ela Britchkow Resume
Ela Britchkow Resume
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I bring speech and language services to you!

People today have very busy schedules. It is a very convenient and a time saving service to be seen in your own home or office.

Being seen in your own environment allows you to practice your newly learned skills where you will be using them and in this way helps with carry-over.

In addition, services offered in your own home allow for privacy. I believe the quality of the therapy is better and more personalized.

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Welcome to SpeakEffectively.com!

Hello -- My name is Ela Britchkow and I'm very pleased that you've found my website. I am a highly effective, competent and ethical speech therapist with 26 years of experience. I work with people from preschool to adult providing evaluations and treatment for a wide variety of communication disorders. I have experience working in a variety of settings such as early intervention, schools, hospitals and long term care facilities.

My credentials include:
    • Pennsylvania Department of Education Certificate in Speech Correction
    • Pennsylvania License in Speech and Language Pathology
    • Certified by the Institute of Language to provide accent reduction training utilizing the Compton P-ESL program
Professional memberships:
    • Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association
    • National Speech Pathology Network
    • National Stuttering Association
    • Stuttering Foundation of America
    • Autism Society of America, Greater Philadelphia Chapter, National Parkinson Foundation Inc.
    • Alexander Graham Bell Association
    • Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association (CASANA)
    • Corporate Speech Pathology Network
    • Promoting Accent Training Help (PATH)
    • Institute of Language and Phonology
    • International Association of Orofacial Myology

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Q&A About My Services

Read the interview to answer these and other questions about my services:
• Why would someone want to seek out a speech therapist in private practice for their child?
Can my child just grow out of his speech problem? What’s wrong with just waiting and seeing what happens?
• I have had this speech impediment through childhood and I am now an adult, and would really like to improve. Is it too late for me?
• What about foreign accents that make understanding people from other countries difficult?
• My parent is getting older. Can getting speech therapy for certain conditions be a life or death issue?
• My insurance pays for speech therapy, is there something more that I should be concerned about?

Getting Started

Start making progress towards your goals today. Just give me a call at 215-322-6781 to request an appointment. I will call you back promptly and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Pennsylvania Speech Language Pathologist Ela Britchkow

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