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Ela Britchkow Resume
Ela Britchkow Resume
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People today have very busy schedules. It is a very convenient and a time saving service to be seen in your own home or office.

Being seen in your own environment allows you to practice your newly learned skills where you will be using them and in this way helps with carry-over.

In addition, services offered in your own home allow for privacy. I believe the quality of the therapy is better and more personalized.

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Oral Cancer and Speech Therapy

Warning Signs of Oral Cancer

A red or white patch or a lump anywhere in the mouth that lasts for more than a month, or a sore that bleeds easily or doesnít heal are possible signs of oral cancer. Difficulty in chewing, swallowing or moving the tongue and jaw are later symptoms.

Dentists and primary care physicians are often the first to detect these signs during regular checkups.

The Effects on Speech and Swallowing

For a person to be able to speak intelligibly and swallow normally, the coordinated movement of all the structures in the mouth are necessary. The effects of cancer on speech and swallowing depend on the location and size of the growth. For example, a sore or growth on the lips may restrict movement and result in unclear production of sounds such as p,b, and m. This may also effect the personís ability to hold food in their mouth when eating. A lesion on the tongue may affect the production of sounds such as t, d, n, l,& r and limit the ability to move food around the mouth or such food back toward the throat when swallowing. A growth on the roof of the mouth (soft palate) or in the throat may change the nasal quality of the voice. When surgery is necessary, the results on speech and swallowing abilities will depend on the location, size and the amount of tissue removed.

How Will a Speech-Language Pathologist Help Me?

After a comprehensive evaluation, treatment often includes helping clients adapt to the differences in the size, shape and feel of their mouth. Ela Britchkow, speech-language pathologist will teach a client how to make specific modifications in oral movement to produce the most intelligible speech sounds. Oral exercises help the client develop better control over weakened muscles in the throat, palate, and tongue. Treatment for swallowing problems may involve changes in food consistency, exercises for weak oral muscles or compensatory techniques for swallowing.

The clientís motivation and commitment to practice techniques will significantly influence the outcome.

Ela Britchkow provides a specialized speech therapy program specifically tailored to meet the needs of each client in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

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Pennsylvania Speech Language Pathologist Ela Britchkow

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