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Why Do I Create Speech and Language Games?

Ela Britchkow, Pennsylvania speech therapistI have always searched for ways to reach children and maintain their attention. I needed a wagonload of materials as their attention spans were generally very short. Many of the materials available did not satisfy the goals and objectives for their target skills and did not engage the children to make learning enjoyable enough to improve their communication skills.

So I started to buy games and materials and adapt them to specific language objectives. I also started to make speech and language games from tablecloths and other household things. Even though these games did not look professional, the children loved playing them. Other speech pathologists would see our interactions and ask to borrow the games. People were constantly saying to me “You should produce these games and sell them, so others have the opportunity to benefit from them.” This was always my dream and after many years I finally decided to hire a graphic artist and advance into the journey of producing my own games.

Wheel of Action Speech Therapy Game for ChildrenNaming action verbs and then producing a short sentence with them was always a frequent objective for the children I worked with whom I worked. Drilling with pictures is not always motivating for active children with short attention spans. It’s also not a natural way to interact. So I designed the “Wheel of Action” game. While playing this new game, children are engaged in a social activity that they enjoy and discover how they can use sentences at the same time. They spin the spinner and excitedly act out the action picture.

I watched a group of children play my game in a classroom and observed how animated and excited they were while playing. In addition to learning to produce sentences with a variety of action verbs, they were using lots of spontaneous speech - giving directions and comments to each other. This was a bonus side effect. To my surprise, I later learned that many of these children spoke English as a second language or were very shy and therefore rarely spoke in school. You would never have known it from the way they were playing and talking.

Imagine your child or student’s improvement in producing sentences with the ease of playing a fun new board game!

Wheel of Action game for children by Speech-Language Pathologist Ela Britchkow

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  • Much more fun than drilling with pictures.
  • Kids don't want to stop playing!
  • Includes an intensive detailed manual for many play/instruction options

    The "Wheel of Action" speech therapy game teaches children to:

    checkmark Learn the names of action verbs
    checkmark Produce sentences
    checkmark Use pronouns (he/she)
    checkmark Appropriately apply the past tense of verbs
    checkmark Use the concepts of before and after
    checkmark Interact socially
    checkmark Learn turn-taking skills
    checkmark Problem solving skills
    checkmark Use gross and fine motor skills
    checkmark Enhance memory skills

    Recommended by Educators
    Reviewer: Colleen Cancelliere Pre-School Inclusion Supervisor
    "...I teach students that range from ages 3 to 5. Some children have special needs. This game was adaptable to accomodate every child's needs. We accomplished turn taking, waiting, social interaction, making eye contact, staying focused, P.T. goals as well as O.T. goals as we spun our way into action. After playing this game with me a few times the children took it over and began to play charades -- Acting out the action and having their friends guess. This enabled imagination and problem solving. It also enhanced peer acceptance. This game encourages motivation and excitement in an enjoyable and safe way. I recommend it for each classroom and for speech therapy for all children."

    Recommended by Educators
    Reviewer: Judy Supnick Special Education Teacher
    What a terrific game to elicit language from children and promote interest in verbal interaction! Pantomime, imitation and positive responses are utilized. Many language goals will be reached. This game is both fun and challenging.

  • Children's language skills improve effortlessly with WHEEL OF ACTIONWheel of Action can be played at different levels of difficulty.

    Take it with you anywhere. It’s only one piece, so there are no parts to lose. It’s 11x11 inches square, constructed of sturdy plastic and it's wipable, so it’s OK if something spills on it.

    Can be used individually noncompetitively, or as a motivating team speech game for as many as ten children (charades).

    Perfect to use in Preschool and Day Care settings
    • Can be used as a circle time activity or as separate learning activity.
    Bonus uses:
    • Can be used to teach English as a Second Language.
    • Helps adults who are learning a foreign language. It enhances their vocabulary knowledge of verbs with repetition, the way language is naturally acquired.
    • Benefits children who are developmentally delayed
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