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Ela Britchkow Resume
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People today have very busy schedules. It is a very convenient and a time saving service to be seen in your own home or office.

Being seen in your own environment allows you to practice your newly learned skills where you will be using them and in this way helps with carry-over.

In addition, services offered in your own home allow for privacy. I believe the quality of the therapy is better and more personalized.

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What Parents of Children Receiving Speech Therapy in the Schools Must Know!

Ela Britchkow offers speech therapy and speech pathology services in PennsylvaniaCan I just leave speech therapy up to the school because they know best about what my child needs?

That is a very personal opinion that you will have to form based on your impressions and previous experience. Chances are if you are not an expert in this area it would be a good suggestion to obtain an independent opinion from someone with more experience than the professional who is working with your child. You might be told that speech therapists are not required to provide direct service for all the identified students, because some get help in the classroom, or with the speech therapist teaching a lesson to the whole class or acting as a consultant to the classroom teacher. There may be a gap between the legal mandates that school districts strive to meet and the funding that is made available to pay for all the services required by law. Parents can advocate for their child when the progress is questionable. A well documented, in-depth independent evaluation by an outside speech therapist can help parents better determine their children’s needs and the best way to address them. In a tight fiscal environment, the parent’s role is crucial. Sometimes extra outside help is needed by an experienced school certified, licensed speech and language pathologist, especially when the school’s resources are stretched too thin. Many students are tutored for academic subjects outside of school to assure success. There is no less a need for speech therapy when it is appropriate. Good oral communication skills are vital for success.

Special Education laws and full disclosure of limited resources

How can you reliably know if your child is receiving the appropriate amount and intensity of therapy for his/her needs? For example is your child being provided speech services in a group when individual service is needed, seen once a week when two or more times appears necessary or taught in a whole class when more individualized help is required? One clear indication is the amount of progress made. Public education is publicly funded and the amount of money spent is limited by tax payers’ willingness to approve tax increases. In a way, I sympathize with school administrators who must make the best funding decisions when there is not really enough to pay for all the services at school that are needed. Personally, I hold school administrators and their staff accountable to be open about the limitations of what they can provide to parents when a child’s needs are not met.

Another serious situation is that your child is not even considered to be eligible for more help when it is available because he or she just fell through the cracks so to speak. Personally, I think it is commendable when someone at school discusses the need for outside supplementary therapy time. I believe it reflects very positively on the character of the staff member with the courage to do it. This may also include the admission that someone using a different approach might be very helpful to the student. Private therapy allows parents the opportunity to observe and be a part of the therapy with their child and their full satisfaction is sought so that they will continue the investment. It is not for everyone because of the cost. Insurance in some cases will pay.

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