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Ela Britchkow Resume
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Fluent speech is smooth and unhesitant. A "dysfluency" is any break in fluent speech. Everyone has dysfluencies from time to time. Stuttering is speech that has a high dysfluency rate. When a speaker experiences dysfluencies at a rate greater than 10%, they may be stuttering. Stuttering is often accompanied by tension and anxiety.

Many children go through a period of normal nonfluency between the ages of 2 and 5 years. The words are repeated easily just once or twice. The child does not demonstrate any tension in their speech and is often unaware of their difficulty. Some children "outgrow" these dysfluencies, others do not. How this period of time is handled, is extremely important.

There are a variety of treatment approaches that can teach people to manage their stuttering. This takes motivation and practice. I work hard along with the person who stutters to support and encourage the effort needed to build on the fluency gains.

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Pennsylvania Speech Language Pathologist Ela Britchkow

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